Affiliate Basics: A Website Creator Checklist

This Wealth of Writing article will provide you with a very basic checklist for what you need to build an home business affiliate website, or any website for that matter. In time I will populate the list below with links to articles explaining each part of this process.

  1. Choose a Subject Focus – Know very clearly what your website will be about. Know its subject, what the content will be, what niche it is. What sub-niche/s it covers.
  2. Choose a Domain – Brainstorm keywords and phrases and come up with a selection of names that are available. Choose one. Buy it.
  3. Choose a Host – You need to select a company that can provide you with storage for your website. Be aware pricing for personal websites differs from a commercial website (they WILL check)
  4. Install your CMS of choice – This is the software that makes your website for you. WordPress is the most popular. Your host package should make it easy for you to install it.
  5. Start adding content – This will depend on whether you are blogging or selling products

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