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Not all articles on home business affiliate websites are the same. Many have a distinct and unique structure. It can be helpful to know these different types of articles and the differing focus they can bring to your content. Think of the differences between these articles like players on a basketball or football teams. They’re all athletes but their roles in the game slightly differ from each other.

Sometimes it can also help to look at a list of article types like this especially when you are hit by writer’s block or need to change your articles up a bit. Here’s a short list for you to choose from, each with a short explanation of their features. Even I consult this list when writing for ‘Wealth of Writing’.

Standard Informational

This is the most common type of article. Its goal is to present the reader with information about a topic. Often it can be subtly argumentative with a basic premise followed up with 3 supporting ideas. An example could be ‘Reasons To Have a Dress Watch In Your Watch Collection’ or ‘Common Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make’. Check out this guide if you want a primer on the Standard Informational.

Length 150w +


This type of article is almost self explanatory. You just share your experience with a product. It can be a diet supplement or an app you have used on your phone. This type of article is a common option for Affiliate Marketers because it presents you with a great opportunity to share your affiliate link.

Length 300w +


This type of article is a chance for you to show that your website is current and up to date. Use newsworthy events and write about their effect on your industry. There’s a reason every health website in the world has an article on Covid19 and how it is affecting their readers. If you website doesn’t have such an article, are you up to date?

Length 200w +

How To

Instructional guides are an opportunity to show your expertise. But the audience for them is very specific. Choose carefully what it is you are showing how to do. Include lots of pictures and infocharts if necessary. An example could be ‘How to target your trapezius muscles’ or How to install the Armadite SEO plugin for your WordPress website’. These types of article can get out of control in terms of word length. Try to be concise.

Length 5-600w +


It takes a particular type of skill to write a funy article and there’s no set guidelines for doing so. An easy way out is to post a cartoon or a video. Perhaps an anecdote could be appropriate. When done well humour can draw a lot of reader reaction which is what you want with your audience right?

Length ?


This is a great article type for struggling writers. You really just have to answer a question. Answer a question a friend has asked you, or a reader, or just make the question up. Once you have the question the rest is easy. Just write in a casual conversational style and your article is done. This type of article suits just about any topic. Examples include ‘What is an affordable dress automatic watch for under $300’, ‘How can I strengthen my calves?’, or ‘How can I encourage organic traffic to my website?’.

Length 300w+


This is a quirky take on the review format. It is also an excuse to lower the word count a little if you hate writing. I’ve seen Comparison articles that were little more than a table. However you choose to approach it highlight the features of your products, the negatives and positives, and your almost done.

Length 250w+


This is a very popular option. And guess what? It’s the format I’ve chosen for this article. Think of a topic and some examples and just explain each example. It’s child’s play. An example could be ‘Ten functional exercises for leg day’ or ’10 must have plugins fro WordPress’.

Length 300w+


I’ve saved the best and hardest fro last. This type of article can spur your readers on to take action but its also one of the hardest to write if creative writing isn’t your strong suit. A classic example is the affiliate marketing emails you get from mailing lists. They take everyday occurrences, or events, or anecdotes and turn them into a reason for you do something. To take action. To buy their product. Today.

Length 200w+

The Monster Affiliate Article

This is the big sell. Often it is a culmination of many other articles (already written) merged into a monster article. The smaller articles often feed into the big kahuna via a web link. This monster article is the one with the affiliate links. Because Google will penalise a ‘spammy’ website it can be wise to keep affiliate links to a minimum on your website.

I’ll give you an example. Let’s say you have a weight-loss affiliate website and you have a series of articles about skipping. Or what the Americans call jump-rope. Here’s a list of the types of articles your website could have:

  • Benefits of skipping
  • Type of skipping
  • Skipping Ropes To consider
  • Skipping for weight loss
  • Skipping for health
  • Skipping: How To Get Started.

Well, a Monster Affiliate article will merge of these articles into one big article. All of the little individual articles will have a link leading to the big one. The big one has the affiliate link. This is because a reader will read the smaller articles to educate themselves. The bigger article is for those ready to buy.

Length 800w+

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