Affiliate Basics: How to Choose An Affiliate Marketing Niche.

Choosing a niche is a stumbling block for many would-be Affiliate Marketers. For some their path is preordained and obvious from the get-go. Especially if they are starting an online home business. Others, like me here at ‘Wealth of Writing’, had difficulty. So, this is a short article to help you choose a niche for your website.

What is a Niche?

Essentially it is your topic. Your website should be on topic . There’s no point in writing about multiple topics. It will confuse your readers and muddy your SEO (search engine optimisation) waters. But your topic has to be targeted and specific. Not broad and general.

Let me give you some examples;

  • Sport is a Topic. Swimming is Niche.
  • Cafe Culture is a Topic. Coffee is Niche.
  • Health and fitness is a Topic. Weight Loss is Niche.

Let’s Go Sub-Niche

This isn’t enough. What you want to do is go even further, deeper, than this. You want to choose a sub-niche. The more focused your topic are the more Google and other search engines can match you up with readers and customers. Let’s take those same three topics and run with them again.

  • Sport is a Topic. Swimming is Niche. Openwater distance swimming is Sub-niche. Swimming lessons for children is Sub-niche.
  • Cafe Culture is a Topic. Coffee is Niche. Cold drip coffee is Sub-Niche. Espresso machines is Sub-niche.
  • Health and fitness is a Topic. Weight Loss is Niche. Weight Loss for menopausal women is Sub-niche.

Create and Curate your own Sub-niche list

You are on your own here. I don’t know you, and your history, and your interests. However, I suggest you write down a list of 10 topics. 10 tpic you could have a conversation with a friend, or a colleague, or a relative about. Even better, a stranger at a bus-top or train station.

You will need to be semi-expert in these topics. And you will be if you can hold a conversation about each.

My list would look something like this;

  • Australian Politics
  • World events
  • Stamp collecting
  • Weight loss
  • Exercise and fitness
  • Education
  • Mobile Phone technology
  • Software
  • Home Brew
  • Watches

Now I have to curate that list. This means I have to examine each and every item and decide if I am relatively unique with my knowledge in that area. Every man and his dog is going to have knowledge and opinions on the first two topics. And there’s not much to sell there either is there? Software is a bit broad too. It’s time to whittle this list down to my best three.

  • Weightloss
  • Exercise and fitness
  • Education

I was tempted to go with stamp collecting and watches but my knowledge there is relatively shallow in comparison to the three I’ve chosen. I would have to do some serious study and up-skilling to present myself as an authority on those topics. Mind you I would enjoy that process. And writing about that progress could be an option for you if you are in that position with your list.

Now, turn your top three into Sub-niches. This is a key step. Don’t skip it! If you were able to do this, well done! I was stuck on this step for ages. I really had to be honest with myself and it was hard.

The key, for me,  is to pick sub-niches I was REALLY interested in. I wrote a list of ten before I got started. And then I narrowed it to three. And then I got started on one. Your task is to do the same. Brainstorm 10, shortlist 3, pick 1. Go.

Pick One

Can you imagine writing 300 articles on any of your three chosen sub niche’s? I hope so because otherwise you are going to have to start again. Your next step is to create a list of article topics. At a minimum you are going to need 100 article ideas. At a minimum. If this is the right topic for you 150 should be doable. It doesn’t have to be done in a sitting. Take a week to do it if necessary. Don’t rush, you want to do this right.

I recommend you use a word processor or spreadsheet. Both Google and Microsoft offer free software via PC or phone to do this task.

Creating a list of 100-150 article topics is going to do something really important – Prove that you chose the right sub-niche.

If you can’t come up with 150 article ideas how are you going to write 300? If you could list 150 then you’ve just mapped out a year’s worth of writing. Every time another Affiliate blogger is sitting there with writer’s block wondering what to write next YOU won’t be. The article list is your yellow brick road. Follow it and your website WILL become an authority in your sub-niche.

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  1. Jamie OsborneApril 20, 2020

    I really enjoy reading this
    Great advice 5 stars

    1. DanApril 27, 2020

      Cheers, thank you.


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