Is Affiliate Blogging For You?

So you have read a few articles about passive income. You are thinking about starting an online home business. Affiliate marketing and blogging has caught your eye. ‘I could do that’ you’re thinking.

You’re interested.

That’s cool.

But you’re still not 100% certain. You wonder if you’re up to the task.

After all a lot of ‘experts’ say you need to stay the course long term. I’m talking;

  • 1-2 years in some cases before you get any income.
  • 300 articles written on your niche
  • Networking among your affiliate peers
  • Promoting yourself endlessly online.

If you are like I was before I started this is the article for you. I was also unsure if affiliate marketing and blogging was the right ‘tactic’ for me to earn passive income online. Or even to do as a home business. So I made damn sure I was ready before flipping the switch here at ‘Wealth of Writing’ and starting. Here’s a 3 step process that will help you decide if this gig is for you.

Step 1 – Create a List of Niches

A niche is a content area. Writers call it a genre. You will need to carve yourself a space on the internet and it is going to be topic based. Here are some examples;

Coffee. Gaming Figurines. Travel Gear.

Many experts recommend you go deeper. I mean, coffee can mean many things and the broader your topic base the more competition you’ll have. So you could focus a little more and find a sub-niche like;

Cold Drip Coffee.

Now, can you imagine writing 300 articles on cold drip coffee? Not me.

So the key is to pick a niche you are REALLY interested in. I wrote a list of ten before I got started. And then I narrowed it to three. And then I got started on one. Your first task is to do the same. Brainstorm 10, shortlist 3, pick 1. Go.

Step 2 – Brainstorm Article Topics

If you were able to do Step 1. Well done! I was stuck on that step for ages. I really had to be honest with myself and it was hard.

Your next step is to create a list of article topics. At a minimum you are going to need 100 article ideas. At a minimum. If this is the right topic for you 150 should be doable. It doesn’t have to be done in a sitting. Take a week to do it if necessary. Don’t rush, you want to do this right.

I recommend you use a word processor or spreadsheet. Both Google and Microsoft offer free software via PC or phone to do this task.

Creating a list of 100-150 article topics is going to do two things.

  1. Prove that you chose the right sub-niche.
  2. Make Step 3 SO much easier

If you can’t come up with 150 article ideas how are you going to write 300? If you could list 150 then you’ve just mapped out a year’s worth of writing. Every time another Affiliate blogger is sitting there with writer’s block wondering what to write next YOU won’t be. The article list is your yellow brick road. Follow it and your website WILL become an authority in your sub-niche.

Step 3 – Start Writing

What? I know what you’re thinking. Don’t you need a website first?


You need to show that you can write first. It’s all well and good coming up with 150 Affiliate article topics but they are USELESS unless you can actually write them. You would be amazed at how many people are ‘ideas’ people. Great at brainstorming and waxing lyrical about what they could do, but terrible at the actual doing.

You need to show yourself, prove to yourself, that you can actually DO. So write 10 articles MINIMUM. Make one of them the About page for your website. Your readers are going to want to know all about you.

In Conclusion

It is simple really. If you can carefully curate a sub-niche, think of 150 articles ideas for that niche, and then write ten articles for that sub-niche. Then you are ready. It’s no mean feat. Most people stumble along the way. Those people aren’t cut out for this business. This is only the beginning but you are now in prime position to take your next step.

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