Don't Buy Anything Yet

Wait until you have read this article.

You are reading this because you are looking to make money online.

I don't know how desperate you are but you've come to the right place. Take a deep breath and don't buy anything. Yet. Research what is available on the market and when you are sure, then buy in.

It's not worth it for you to buy into a training course or system only for you to ask for your money back. This means you are unhappy with your experience, the sellers loses their money,  and then I lose my commission a few days later. That means a bad experience for all of us.

Make sure, before you buy into a product. If the information I have published here isn't clear or if you have questions - email me or hit me on my Socials. So now that we have that out of the way ...where should you start? Well, most MMO (make money online) products are SYSTEMS or COURSES. I'll explain, but first ...

Who am I?

My name is Dan King. I'm pursuing multiple income streams online. I create websites. I blog. I'm an affiliate marketer.

This website is a resource for those people looking to do the same. Hopefully I can cut down the time you spend looking for a system that suits you best. In return I earn a commission if you sign up using the links I provide.

All the systems and courses on offer here at 'Wealth of Writing' work. And they have a money back guarantee  if you don't like them. Whether they work or not is just a matter of how much work you will put in to them. There is no quick, easy path to riches here folks. It's hard work, but the income is there if you want to earn it.

Some will love that, others not so much. The point is, there's nowhere to hide. Regardless of the system you choose, you'll have to work hard. It's all on YOU. Remember you can work anywhere you want with these courses and systems as long as you have a computer, the internet, and the ability to write a sentence or two. No rat race, commute, overbearing bosses, or annoying colleagues.

Your Options

Look there are no secrets to making money online. But, there is a lot of noise. Let me cut through that noise for you.

Here is how you can make money online;

1. Sell Your Things - stuff you don't need any more.

2. Freelancing - Sell your skills.

3. Gambling.

4. Drop Shipping - Sell things direct from your supplier.

5. E-commerce - Sell things in an online shop.

6. Trading - Stocks, Crypto

7. Content Creation - Writing, Art, Youtube etc.

8. Affiliate Marketing. Sell other people products and get commission.

9. Email Marketing. Sell other people products via email and get commission.

I can't help you with 1-6.

But I CAN with 7, 8 and 9. If those options appeal to you, I can help. You can do 8 and 9 with basic computer skills, anywhere, anytime.


Some products are Systems.

Systems are actual money making strategies and processes. You buy in and put them to use. There will often be training offered but that isn't what is technically being sold. It's supplementary. Complimentary to the main product. You should expect a product to offer a return on your investment. Be realistic with your expectations on those returns. Making money online is a business. Business requires investment and sustained effort and application on your part.

12 Minute Affiliate And ELM are good examples of a System.


Some products are Courses.

Course are educational and show you how 'the game' is played. You'll learn some tips and tricks and then it will be up to you to go and apply your knowledge. Most courses are video based nowadays but the better ones offer written guides supplemented with video. Believe it or not video is easier to slap together and sometimes it shows.

Wealthy Affiliate is an example of a Course product.


I know I've already said that most systems offer some education and training with them. And often they come with a community eager to help you. But some products really are a hybrid of the two. They will put you through a course but it will be practical in nature and require investment on your part and you will see a return on your investment and effort. I'm not saying you will make a profit!

The Super Affiliate system is a good example of a Hybrid system.

Your Skills and Aptitude

Now you have to apply what your strengths are to the products on offer here. I'll use myself as an example if you don't mind.

I'm a writer. I'm comfortable dabbling with words. Moulding them, coercing them, and you, into action. At least I like trying. So, blogging is my thing. This make Wealthy Affiliate a natural for with me because it monetises that skill. You can still make money using the knowledge and skills Wealthy Affiliate gives you if you aren't like me. That is a decision for you to make.

Now if you are a social butterfly and enjoy social media and fraternising with others online ... ELM is probably a better fit for you. ELM uses a system called ELM-connect that is made for the social and gregarious among us. That unfortunately is not a strength of mine. Each to their own.

The Round-Up

There's a better, more in-depth write up on all of the products below ON THIS PAGE. But this list below can be a good start for you.

12 Minute Affiliate - Uses emails to make money. You build a list with organic or paid traffic. Email your list.

ELM - A free system with paid upgrades. Build your list. Use paid options to make building your list easier. Email your list.

*12 Minute Affiliate and ELM are similar. So much so 12MA is offered as an upgrade within ELM.

Wealthy Affiliate - Website based. A great educational course that sets you up with SEO skills and a great website in a niche you are comfortable with. Great community.

Super Affiliate - Affiliate Hacking. Very practical. Uses advertising and sales funnels to sell products. You'll be an expert at all forms of advertising and know the latest techniques.