What is a Lead?

Do you know what a lead is?

What is a Lead?
In the industry a ‘lead’ is a customer. In particular their name and email address.
A ‘cold’ lead is someone interested in your product but they don’t know you, yet.
A ‘warm’ lead is interested in your product and knows you.
You grow your List by getting leads to sign up for your email list.
Our goal is to warm up a lead and provide them with what they want to buy.
How Email Marketing Works
Every day I send home online business opportunities. Some leads read my emails (called ‘swipes’ in the industry) – some of those readers choose to buy the products.
If you feel the products are quality, (and they are!) you may even come back for more. A satisfied customer is a repeat customer.
Email marketing is a very easy system that takes as a little as 1 hour a week.
There’s just one little problem. How do you get the leads?
Well, the answer to that is in my next email.

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