What is a Swipe?

An email for the leads in your list is called a swipe.
Every day I send swipes to my leads about home online business opportunities. Some leads read my emails (called ‘swipes’ in the industry) – some of those readers choose to buy the products.
Where can you get swipes?
12 Minute Affiliate (12 MA)provide you with 80 when you join them.
Evergreen Lead Machine (ELM) provide an assortment when you join them too.
My LeadGen Secret (MLGS) offer 30 for sale when you sign up too.
I ended up writing a bunch of my own for my list. They are hidden on this website. Can you find them?
This man has thoughtfully provided a bunch of his for free.
It is important to personalise your swipes for your list and according to your personality.

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