Essentials: What is Affiliate Marketing?

So you’ve heard of affiliate marketing and you want to know more? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This is NOT a definitive guide to Affiliate Marketing. This IS a simple beginner’s home business overview. It should whet your appetite.

The Concept

Quite simply Affiliate Marketing is a process. You are the ‘middleman’, a matchmaker. Your website articles helps buyers find the product they want. At the end you get a commission on the sale. Everyone’s a winner.

The concept really isn’t any more complicated than that.

The Practice

The practice unfortunately is more complicated. You’ll need a website. You’ll need to be writing articles that rank well on search engines. You’ll have to know what you’re talking about. This way the buyers can find your articles, believe what you are writing, and in turn will feel comfortable buying the product they were looking for.

Here’s a nifty little diagram explaining the process.

Where To Now?

Still interested?

Here’s a little list of topics you may want to start reading up on.

  • Choosing a website topic/subject.
  • Search engine optimisation for Affiliate Marketing
  • Basic Affiliate Marketing writing skills
  • Use of Social Media in Affiliate Marketing

Many people already know how to do much of that list. It is just a matter of applying it to Affiliate Marketing.  There are plenty of websites to help you. Wealth of Writing can play that role for you.

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